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Internet control: common mistakes made by managers

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Controlling the use of the internet is extremely important for any type of company. And they are usually based on three basic principles, namely, prevention against virtual threats (malware of all kinds), control over sites and applications that can reduce the productivity of employees and optimization of the internet resource, focusing on “bandwidth” control. used by users and applications.

In this blog post, we will bring up some of the main mistakes made by managers and technology analysts when establishing controls on the use of the internet, presenting suggestions to overcome challenges and enhance the results of the organization. Read on!

Controlling the internet and the relationship with productivity

In addition to ensuring data security, internet control can also result in increased employee productivity. In this previous article, data are presented that justify such a statement, including the results of the survey carried out by OSTEC and Neotriad, which pointed out that 21% of employees use the internet for purposes not associated with work with great frequency, 61.4% with little frequency, and only 17.5% do not use the internet for personal purposes.

This lack of focus and the loss of time working with idle activities are responsible for leaving Brazil in the 50th position in the productivity ranking, which assessed 68 countries, according to a survey carried out by the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

Common mistakes when trying to set internet controls

As you can see, controlling the internet can be essential to improve the performance of teams and, of course, to avoid security flaws caused by access to inappropriate content, downloading infected files and the action of various types of malware.

However, managers and analysts end up making some mistakes when defining guidelines and policies for internet access. The most recurring ones in the corporate environment will be presented below and what can be done to resolve these situations.

Extremism: total restriction or broad release

The most common mistake is not managing Internet access for company employees, setting precedents for security vulnerabilities and productivity deviations. Often this attitude is part of the corporate culture of maintaining an environment that privileges freedom, however, it is important to remember, that excess freedom can bring serious problems of security, productivity and availability of the internet resource.

Internet control is still very much associated with blocking access to social networks, entertainment sites, etc. However, there are other points to be evaluated. Websites that disseminate malware, access to adult content, sites of racial and religious intolerance, are just some examples of content that is highly harmful to the environment of companies, which often do not have controlled access, especially in environments that value freedom in using the internet.

Highly restrictive access controls can also impair the performance of professionals and cause discomfort. In the survey carried out by OSTEC and previously cited, a fact called attention: 62.6% of employees say they use alternative means to access content not related to work, through personal devices and their data plans.

In other words: Restricting access completely allows reducing the problems associated with internet security and availability, however it does not fully solve the losses associated with productivity.

The solution, therefore, is to define the sites that will have restricted access and perform proactive management of them. For this, it is important to obtain and analyze access reports and outline the profile of internet usage in the company. Then, from the analysis of navigation, implement restrictions in order to bring greater security, productivity and availability to the environment.

It is also important to consider alternative times to release access to sites that encourage productive leisure, bringing balance to the established policy.

Not monitoring or analyzing how the network is being used

It is not enough to create barriers. It is necessary for managers to monitor and analyze navigation reports to assess whether access policies are having the expected effect.

For this, there are basic technologies such as web proxy, which make it possible to establish controls over http and https accesses, including bandwidth consumption, browsing time, most accessed sites, in addition to other functions that assist in assessing employee access, in a way to subsidize specific analyzes on the use of the resource in the workplace.

Not having a clear internet access policy

One of the biggest mistakes is not defining an internet access policy. The policy must be constructed involving members from different areas of the organization and be continually communicated to company employees.

Employees need to understand their roles, their responsibilities and how they should use this resource, realizing that the safety and success of the company also depends on safe behavior.

It is important that the internet usage policy establishes the rights and responsibilities of those who use it, in addition to being transparent on issues such as:

  • Which employees can use the internet;
  • Which websites and applications are approved for use;
  • Situations considered abusive;;

What to do to have a more effective internet control?

In order to implement internet controls without generating discomfort in the organization it is essential that managers approach the subject in a transparent manner, encompassing everyone involved in the process and taking into account all the particularities and needs of each sector.

With regard to software, it is important to know that on the market there are several accessible options that use Web Proxy solutions and there are also robust and unified solutions such as UTM Firewall that adds other information security measures, in addition to controlling access to websites.

Ideally, you should contact a specialized team, to assist in the definition and implementation of the best solution, ensuring that your company will have its results protected and on the path to success.

This post is also available in: Português English Español