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Skype aberto em smartphone

Skype Audit in Corporate Communications

Productivity in modern corporate environments is increasingly related to communication: whether in written format, over the...

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Vários cabos de rede conectados em servidor

Learn what VPN is, its types and importance

In the corporate world, the internet is a highly representative asset to businesses. Whether it is...

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Roteador preto sobre um balcão

QoS: What is it and what are its benefits?

The internet is an indispensable resource for the great majority of companies, considering the volume of...

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Cabos conectados em um modem

Web Proxy: Essentials on content categorization

[rev_slider alias="ebook-filtro-web-360x280"][/rev_slider] The internet presents a growing variety of websites, covering a multitude of contents for audiences...

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Cabo conectado em modem com três antenas

Proxy Web: All about the ways of using

Proxies provide an important layer in an information security architecture. Broadly speaking, these solutions offer more...

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iso 27001

ISO 27001: Essential features

ISO 27001 is a very relevant standard for companies seeking ISO certification, since it is responsible...

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Olho humano

Proxy web: Concepts, types and terminologies

[rev_slider alias="ebook-filtro-web-360x280"][/rev_slider] The steady increase in the use of web services - such as access to...

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Cabos de rede conectados em appliance

Understanding the main firewall topologies

Firewall is one of the assets of a security architecture, strategically positioned between two or more...

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Cabos conectados na traseira de um rack

Web Proxy: How can you save bandwidth?

Although not the primary function of a web proxy, many implementations, in addition to enabling controls...

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e-mails icon on notebook

3 Essential Tips for Email Security

E-mail is an essential communication tool in companies' daily routines, for not only speeding up the...

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Ícone skype

Skype control in corporate environment

In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, agility in communications and processes is a key factor...

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teclado de notebook com um globo vetorizado sobreposto

Secure remote access and communication over VPN

[rev_slider alias="360x280-vpn-beneficios-e-aplicacoes"][/rev_slider]With a more and more globalized economy, companies start to look for geographical spraying, with...

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