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Internet control as a strategy to increase productivity

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The use of the Internet, in a corporate environment, is no longer a matter of choice. Today, most companies depend partially or totally on this feature. In addition, the internet has come to shorten distances and increase the integration between organization, customers and business partners.

The benefits attributed to the use of Internet are numerous, however, it is important to emphasize that the misuse by collaborators can cause damages, difficult to identify. The waste of time in unproductive activities using the Internet has a drastic impact on the performance of employees, also increasing the possibility of events that may compromise the security of the corporate environment.

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Policies to formalize Internet use in companies

The Internet is fundamental so that the companies can develop its activities efficiently, being able to continue active in a globalized market. While network usage is extremely necessary for business, using some sites and applications can lead to reduced workforce productivity and compromise security in the corporate environment.

A study developed by the American site, indicated that employees of US companies spend two hours a day doing non-work related activities. Consider that a good part of this time is wasted in social networks and entertainment websites; now do a calculation taking into account value / time wasted daily by the employee, and number of employees. The result will certainly be surprising.

Free internet access allows employees to spend their time on entertainment pages such as virtual games, chat rooms, and personal social networks. All of these sites cause scatter and decrease focus on work. To prevent resource use from triggering productivity problems and decrease the quality of deliveries, the company must structure Internet usage policy with clear guidelines for its use in the corporate environment. The guidelines are highly relevant in the process of controlling the internet, serving as a reference for the conduct of employees. The development of the guidelines should involve multi-sector teams, preferably including members of the top management, adding importance to the document.

Internet Control Solutions

The structuring of Internet use policy is a valid measure against the abusive use of the resource in a corporate environment, however, it is necessary to verify if the guidelines formalized by the company are being effectively fulfilled. An alternative to ensuring policy compliance in the day-to-day of the organization is the implementation of a web proxy service.

The web proxy assists in controlling the internetthrough the HTTP protocol, being responsible for managing access to websites and other applications based on this protocol. The proxy is widely used by companies of the most varied sizes and segments, contributing to the maintenance of the business security and productivity strategy.

Web proxyservice allows the company to manage employee accesses based on URLs, schedules, user groups, and other levels of control. With the implementation of the service it is possible to have access to detailed navigation reports, including resource consumption, navigation time, most accessed websites, as well as other functions that assist in the evaluation of accesses by collaborators, in order to subsidize specific analyzes on the use of the resource in the workplace.

Many companies are aware of the benefits of using web proxy services, both because they are effective in maintaining the security of the corporate network, and in the evaluation of the reflexes generated in collaborators’ productivity. It is worth emphasizing the importance of formalizing the guidelines for using the resource in a corporate environment; this is essential for alignment with employees.

Remember, companies have distinct realities, as well as sectors in the same organization may demand very different needs, so it is of the utmost importance to evaluate the needs of each sector / organization, to establish clear and adequate policies, before implementing solutions to control access to the Internet.

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This post is also available in: Português English Español