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Skype control in corporate environment

Ícone skype

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In an increasingly competitive and demanding market, agility in communications and processes is a key factor in the success of companies. Thus, many organizations have adopted a myriad of technologies to enhance communication at all levels, bringing differentiated experience to internal employees, suppliers and customers.

Among the products that aim to meet the communication needs in the corporate environment, we can highlight Skype, a tool that allows users, in addition to chat communication, to make voice and video calls through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The use of Skype has expanded rapidly since its features are very useful in the day-to-day of work teams, and because they represent a low cost compared to conventional telephony systems, for example.

In this way, Skype became part of the routine of many employees, in several companies, directly serving for information exchange and archives, as well as for videoconferencing, with a wide range of purposes, including commercial presentations, project implementation, training, etc. The videoconferences are highlighted in this context, collaborating to reduce operating costs, related to the aforementioned activities.

However, the use of Skype by companies inspires care to avoid risks or damages to the business. In general, two critical situations need to be considered: The first is related to the distraction caused by the use of the tool, negatively affecting the employee’s performance; And the second, refers to information security, due to the risks of undue sharing or leakage of strategic data.

Skype control in companies

There are clear reasons for applying controls over the use of skype in a corporate environment. These reasons are associated with productivity and safety, as shown below:

Dispersion and distraction: It is a consensus that distractions and dispersions at work affect the performance of professionals and reduce staff productivity. Therefore, we must pay attention to the correct and conscious use of Skype by our employees. Thus, it is fundamental that the company include clear guidelines in its policy of conduct, so that all professionals know the limits tolerated to use Skype and other resources made available by the company.

Educational campaigns are also welcome, highlighting the real purpose of using the resource in a corporate environment. It is worth mentioning that conversations established by Skype can be monitored and audited, as long as explicit in document / policy, and duly communicated to collaborators. In order to constitute this type of document, it is advisable to follow up legally, making possible the alignment of existing laws.

Risks of data leakage:Intellectual capital is the most valuable thing a company has. Their research, projects and products are the pillars that sustain the business, the market and competitors. In this way, information securitymust be among the priorities of all organizations. Ensuring communications security, performed by Skype, is a crucial item for companies, since through this tool it is possible to share data in any format, jeopardizing the confidentiality of strategic information for the business.

The market has some security solutions to control Skype, ensuring application layer protection over communications made through the tool. These products enable auditing of conversations, as well as user and group management, to organize customized access policies. Bringing compliance to Skype usage is necessary to fully guarantee the benefits associated with using the tool.

The considerations related to the use of Skype in companies can generate a series of doubts about the compatibility of the resource with the reality of some types of business; this is exactly the reflection that must be done, being incumbent upon the IT sector, together with other responsible employees, to evaluate the feasibility of implementing this powerful communication resource.

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This post is also available in: Português English Español