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vectorized letters coming out of a smartphone

Anti-spam: 8 benefits for corporate use

Emails have gained a great space in corporate communications in recent years, and regardless of the...

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elderly couple using electronic devices

5 digital safety tips for seniors

One of the great benefits of the rapid evolution of the internet is the way it...

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Homem de touca em frente a três computadores.

What are hypervisors?

If you still don’t know the term hypervisor, do not be fooled, this technology is not...

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Nakivo Backup: Learn the key benefits

NAKIVO is one of the most famous and efficient virtualized backup solutions for virtualized structures on...

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Mãos digitando em notebook

Virtualization: Where to start?

Virtualization can be a practical way to ensure better use of hardware and software resources, which...

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Mãos masculinas digitando em notebook com um celular ao lado.

Shadow IT, get to know what it is

The dynamics of the market and the agility brought by the Internet, have promoted a real...

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