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Nakivo Backup: Learn the key benefits

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NAKIVO is one of the most famous and efficient virtualized backup solutions for virtualized structures on the market. Soon after its foundation, in 2013, the company reported revenue growth of 800%, which put it at the top of the list, ahead of all its competitors.


Today, Nakivo Backup solutions are marketed by partners in more than 115 countries around the world, serving small, medium and large companies. In addition,one of Nakivo’s great partners in Brazil is OSTEC, which in the first 90 days of partnership, back in 2016, delivered fifteen new clients, becoming a success case and the first Silver Partner in Brazil. This great achievement was the result of great teamwork. Both companies always seek to deliver affordable, reliable and practical solutions to the market.

IT professionals who need simple and reliable virtual machine backup and replication solutions need to better understand the benefits and features of Nakivo. This can be the ideal solution to ensure data security and the continued growth of your business. Keep reading!!

What is and how Nakivo Backup works

NAKIVO Backup and Replication offers several advanced options for complete protection of virtualized environments. Features include local and external VM backup, plus granular replication, instant granular recovery, application and database support, AES-256 encryption, network acceleration, advanced reporting, and a many other useful features.

Nakivo Backup performs replication and backup of native, agentless, and image-based Virtual Machines. This means that an entire VM is saved during the backup, including all its disks and configuration files, allowing everything to be available for recovery.

It is also possible to schedule tasks easily through the Calendar Panel in the product’s web interface. So, you can save up to 1000 recovery points for each backup by rotating them based on GFS.

This solution also uses Resilient Change Tracking (for Hyper-V) or Altered Block Tracking (for VMware) to perform incremental backups and thus increase the speed of Virtual Machine.

NAKIVO Backup and Replication is widely adopted by many companies around the world as it is easy to handle higher workloads as your environment grows. Whether it’s for small businesses with few VMs or large ISPs that have thousands of VMs in multiple datacenters, Nakivo solutions fit neatly.

You can scale Nakivo Backup either vertically, by providing more resources for the product, or horizontally by distributing product components in the same or multiple locations.

Nakivo Backup Differentials

We list below some of the advantages of Nakivo Backup that prove all its efficiency, and can help you decide to acquire this solution for different business needs.

  • The product is easy and quick to install, as it can be installed and configured in less than 10 minutes, without requiring additional software and databases.
  • Jobs run quickly because it uses LAN-free backup mode, which can take advantage of your Fiber Channel SANs and iSCSI or Hot Add mode, which significantly increases data transfer speeds.
  • Network Acceleration can also be activated to speed data transfer by using compression and reduction techniques. It results, on average, in a 50% network load reduction and a 2x data transfer acceleration.
  • With Nakivo Backup you can recover files and objects instantly without the need for full virtual machine recovery. You can also retrieve entire VMs instantly with the Flash VM boot or the VM replica.
  • The product regularly provides automatic reports with status updates.
  • You can create a backup appliance by installing in QNAP, Synology.
  • Its web interface is simple and intuitive.
  • Allows you to back up VMware offsite backups to the Amazon cloud.
  • With global data replication and compression of VMware backups you save storage space (and money).

How to deploy Nakivo Backup in your company?

Nakivo Backup provides a robust and complete solution to ensure total security of your data. NAKIVO Backup & Replication can be installed on either Windows or Linux, and it can be deployed as a VMware Virtual Appliance or AWS AMI. You can even install the product on QNAP, ASUSTOR, Synology and Western Digital NAS servers, creating a high-performance solution. This offered VM backup tool combines backup, hardware, storage, and data deduplication software into a single device, and doing so in a cost-effective, simple, and agile way.

The IT professional who wants to deploy this solution in their company or in their clients can download and install the Free Trial application. This enables you to run tests and familiarize yourself with the environment and its features.

However, for complete solutions and more personalized support, based on the particularities of each company, it is highly recommended that the IT analyst contact companies specialized in the implementation of Nakivo Backup, such as OSTEC, the first Silver Partner in Brazil.


Contact us to raise the security level of your business, protecting your results.

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This post is also available in: Português English Español