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Web content filtering to increase collaborator productivity

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The continuous use of the internet for execute work activities is a reality for most people. In this same perspective, we identify the dependence of companies on the internet resource, each one with its level and particularity.

Even in industries or companies whose business is not oriented to the intensive use of information technology and internet, it is common that the administrative area, purchasing sector, commercial, financial, marketing and others, need the internet to perform their daily functions.

Over the years, companies have been seeking security solutions that not only protect their information and assets, but also allow the Internet usage needs in the most varied sectors to be customized in such a way that they adequately meet expectations of sectors and people, not compromising the business.

This is a natural move given that indiscriminate access to the Internet can bring different reflections on productivity, and negative ones about availability. For mature employees, access to the internet is a motivational factor, and can even increase their productivity.

However, unfortunately, this is not the profile of the vast majority of employees, and it is natural that they use resources for non-professional purposes, which may hinder the performance of some work activities. Seeking a better understanding on the subject, OSTEC conducted research to evaluate the profile of Internet use in companies and you can access the results by clicking here.

The most appropriate is to seek a solution that offers balance between company’s interests, without leaving aside the motivational factors attributed to the use of internet, which are fundamental for many work activities. In this sense, the web content filterpresents itself as a very attractive solution.

What is it?

Web content filteris a software and/or hardware solution that has as purpose to act as an intermediary between the accesses of the collaborators to the internet, enabling the application of policies defined by the company.

This means that access to the Internet is no longer done directly by the computer and is now carried out through the web content filteringsolution. For the user this transaction can be transparent, with credential for user recognition during the first attempt to access the internet. It is worth mentioning that the web content filter, which applies the rules, makes the connection to the remote website and if the access attempt is in compliance the website is presented to the browser.

This model ensures that requests are tunneled and, knowing details of who is making the request, it can be allowed or not. This also ensures, in many cases, protection against phishing and other contamination through web pages.

There are a number of web content filteringsolutions, from the simplest ones that allow you to create access rules with content that can or cannot be accessed, to more complex and complete solutions with bulky databases with classification of websites based on categories of interest.

How to increase productivity using web content filter?

After the concept of web content filtering, productivity increase in corporate environments is achieved through the implementation of this solution, which will bring great visibility into the accesses and consumption of the internet.

A good strategy in the implementation of these solutions is to allow all traffic, if the company does not have any previous rule; in this way, it is possible to identify the profile of consumption and possible abuses by the collaborators.

The most important, and critical success factor, is seeking to understand with users, industry leaders, or people in positions of trust, what is essential in the internet for the performance of their work. This needs to always work; otherwise, your business will be affected.

Radical measures to totally restrict the Internet to certain users, and the like, need to be well analyzed, because besides being not positive in motivational terms, it can stimulate that collaborator to look for alternatives to circumvent access.

Each company has their particular internet access needs, and respecting that is critical to increasing productivity and security in their environment. Try to avoid radicalism and better understand what is essential for work; try to create access at certain times in order to allow news reading and access to social network, thus stimulating creative leisure.

This is totally possible and healthy with web content filteringtechnologies because besides being able to control schedules, addresses, users, websites, etc, it is also visible in most internet consumption solutions. Based on this, and detecting abuses, awareness measures and blockages can be taken.

This post is also available in: Português English Español