General 1min de Leitura - 03 de May de 2016

Ransomware: Understand what it is

Caveira feita com palaras utilizadas em linguagem de programação. A caveira representa um ransomware

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A variant of malware has been drowsy in recent years by various network administrators, security professionals, and business owners with little technology expertise.

Ransomwareis a type of malware with the purpose of sequestration of data aiming the request of rescue to release them. This is because it is in the nature of this threat to encrypt files and folders on users’ operating systems, preventing access to them, as long as the requested redemption is not paid.

In this way, through a very strong encryption strategy, data used by certain applications, such as database, configuration file, or even common files such as documents, spreadsheets and so on, are encrypted and impossible to read.

To release the data the attackers require payment of certain amounts, usually paid in the bitcoin virtual currency, whose traceability is highly complex, protecting anonymity as well as encouraging malicious people to carry out, or even contract, the attack as a service (RaaS – Ransomwareas a Service) at Deep web.

In the event of database hijacking (Ransomware), it is not recommended to make payment requested by the attacker, since there is no guarantee that the data will actually be released. The best way is to create a basic set of measures that minimize not only the attack, but also especially its reflection within organizations.

We have created an e-book with 5 fundamental tips to avoid the occurrence of this type of sinister in organizations. In this e-book, you will know a little more about Ransomwareand verify how your company can build a structure to minimize the possibility of occurrence of this type of attack.

This post is also available in: English Português Español