General 1min de Leitura - 21 de September de 2020

The ransomware that brought down one of the biggest brokerages in the world

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British company Travelex was invaded on New Year’s Eve, with a ransom demand that reached US $ 6 million.

The year began a tumultuous year for Travelex, a London-based exchange broker. That was when the attack by the Sodinokibi ransonware surfaced, which invaded all the company’s systems. As a consequence, it blocked access to any file, data or information by its employees or customers, demanding the payment of US $ 6 million. If they did not receive the amount, the criminals would disclose financial and personal data about the clients.

Because of the problem, the Standard rating agency downgraded Travelex’s credit rating to negative, and questions whether the company could safely survive. However, the company’s director, Tony D´Souza, said that they are making great progress in data recovery, and that they will provide more detailed information in the coming days. No damage was identified in the company’s Brazilian operations, as it operates with different systems.

This post is also available in: Português English Español