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High availability of internet for small businesses

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The availability of the Internet is a fundamental factor in the business continuity and productivity of companies, regardless of the sector of activity. Companies that use web applications in their portfolio of daily tools tend to feel more clearly the losses generated by the unavailability of internet; but the impact exists, in due proportions, on all types of businesses.

In view of the representativeness of the internet resource, for the day-to-day business, it is pertinent to evaluate the representativeness and the impacts generated by the instability of this resource. So, the main question is Does your company know how much it loses with the unavailability of the internet service? Is it possible to establish internet structures available at a low cost?

In this blog post, you will have access to essential concepts on High Availability of the internetand tips on how to implement available internet structures, without representatively raising the fixed costs. Check it out!

The High Availability of the Internet

The main goal of High Availabilitysolutions is to provide uninterrupted access to data across a corporation, overcoming hardware and software failures, and thus maintaining application availability with downtime often imperceptible to users. Particularly in organizations where work is directly dependent on the use of the Internet, unavailability of connection can have a significant impact on company spending, affecting the development of its activities and employee productivity.

A study carried out by OSTEC, with companies of various sizes and segments, diagnosed that approximately 64% of company collaborators have their work totally compromised, in case of unavailability of the internet resource. User support, access to systems and applications, conferencing, IP telephony, rely on the internet to work, generating high impact for the business. Access the complete research on the internet usage profile by clicking here!

Measurement of losses

The measurement of losses related to the unavailability of the Internet must consider some factors, seeking accuracy in the results. This analysis must take into account the number of employees who have their activities committed and make an analogy to the amount spent per hour of work by each of these people, in addition to other factors associated with the business, which can be accounted for during claims. The data must be transformed into numbers, making possible the tangibilization of losses generated by the unavailability of the internet. Read further information on how to estimate this type of loss in the post How much your company loses with the unavailability of the internet.

High availability of internet for small businesses

The analysis of the losses, due to the unavailability of the Internet, usually awakens the need to implement structures that meet availability demands with different levels of demand. In this sense, it is important to point out that projects to improve availability can be dimensioned with the purpose of serving smaller structures, with easily justifiable costs, as presented below.

To guarantee a minimum level of availability, the company needs to invest in contracting at least two internet links, belonging to different trunks of origin, so that there is an effective guarantee of redundancy of the resource.

In the contracting phase, it is extremely important to analyze contractual terms and conditions, including SLA for problem solving, formalization of the level of asset stability (uptime) and other guarantees to ensure the quality of the service provided.

After hiring the internet circuits, it is imperative that your company obtain a solution for automatic contingency of the links, avoiding the manual management of the resource, in case of failures / unavailability, and potentializing the use of contracted circuits.

Balancing and redundancy solutions, coupled with other security modules, including web proxy and firewall, are great options for small and medium businesses. The automatic link redundancy module will be responsible for performing automatic management, according to the availability of the contracted circuits, maintaining uninterrupted access for users.

The application of these two basic guidelines helps to maintain the availability of the internet resource in a corporate environment; however, according to the reality of each business, the assets associated with high availability of the Internet can suffer substantial increases, including replication of hardware structures and software.

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This post is also available in: Português English Español