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Corporate firewall: Understand the real importance to your business

Dois appliances OSTEC firewall utm, um sobre o outro.

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Although awareness of the importance of information security in business environments has been substantially increased in recent years, it is clear that there is still a long way to go, especially in the case of smaller companies.

Anyways, it is worth noting that size is not always associated with information security maturity. Maturity, in most cases, is driven by the degree of relevance attributed to items that generate business impact, from the perspective of availability,productivity andsecurity.

The advent of the internet has brought innumerable benefits to companies, and other challenges, opening space for the emergence of products and businesses oriented to the maintenance of corporate information security.

Many solutions can be applied for information protection and availability, with corporate firewallbeing one of the most used by companies. This post will assist you in understanding the firewallsolution application to reduce virtual threats, visibility into internet usage and productivity, as well as improve the availability of the internet resource in the corporate environment.

Corporate firewall for virtual threat reduction

The internet has a myriad of content, many of which bring immediate benefits to the work, and others are unfortunately highly harmful to businesses. With a corporate firewall,it is possible to create access policies that minimize the damage caused by users who intentionally or accidentally access inappropriate content.

E-mails that have attachments with malicious content, or even URLs with malware and the like, can be avoided with the use of a corporate firewall. In these cases, when accessing a specific address, the user is prevented from proceeding with the connection, protecting their device.

Threat reduction offers a more complete and available environment, avoiding interruptions of activities by the action of viruses and derivatives, and may even affect the entire corporate network, compromising a larger number of employees and causing damages to the business.

Visibility on internet usage

Visibility is fantastic for many businesses that know the contents accessed on the internet. With a corporate firewall, it is possible to monitor internet usage and customize its use according to the needs of each business.

This ensures that the rules eventually applied will address identified needs through reports that reflect the company’s current scenario. This can be both to increase the priority of certain accesses as well as to restrict access to non-work related websites.

This is critical, especially for companies with open policies, where all accesses are released, making it difficult to identify issues that can affect productivity and business availability.

A corporate firewall, in general, has a minimal set of graphs and reports that allows managers to visualize what is really happening on the corporate network, supporting decision-making.

Productivity increase

An important point, little associated with the corporate firewall, is the possibility of using it to increase the productivity of the teams. This does not necessarily mean blocking access, on the contrary, it means ensuring consistency of what should be accessed by sectors and users, protecting the interests of the company.

There is little awareness by companies on the impact of the lack of security for the business, and this causes the blocking of certain content to be mistakenly interpreted by employees as a forced or intrusive activity.

The fact is that with a corporate firewallit is possible to create access policies based on schedules, sectors, or users that meet the interests of employees and company, boosting jobs with the immediate availability of Internet access (to what is needed).

Corporate firewall to increase availability

As the internet is increasingly a critical point in the companies, so the impossibility of using it, whether totally or partially due to slowness, has a direct impact on business.

With a slow internet, a process that could be accomplished in a few seconds can take minutes. With the lack of internet, some activities may not be carried out, such as access to internet banking, issuance of electronic invoices, as well as access to software and web applications, directly affecting the company’s daily activities.

A corporate firewallhas the ability to better distribute and prioritize Internet use for what is important, balancing traffic between multiple internet links; in order to do automatic switching in case of a drop in links, among other facilities that directly affect availability bias.

There are several other aspects considered relevant regarding firewall and other information security solutions. Continue reading the posts suggested as follows.

This post is also available in: Português English Español