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Blocking social networks in your company: is it an option?

Redes sociais abertas em notebook e celular

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The control of internet in the companies is a subject much discussed lately. There are companies in favor of limiting the navigation of users and those that maintains free accesses, without restriction. When it comes to the use of social networks, the issue is even more controversial, since there are those who say that they help in communication within the company and those who think that social networks only serve to generate distractions in the corporate environment and undermine productivity.

Check below the advantages and disadvantages of blocking social networks in companies and decide the best option for your business!

Why you should block social networks in your business

Influences on productivity

Access to social networks holds people’s attention for a long time, even those that claim to be connected for only 5 minutes, repeat this access several times a day. This ends up affecting productivity because the employee gets to spend more than an hour a day connected to them. With employees working less time or getting less concentrated due to accessing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others, it brings negative impact to the business.

Security risks

When social networks became popular, threats also reached them; nowadays there are many cases where spyware and malware, which can damage the equipment or even the performance of the company network, are installed from access to social networks. All this is possible because there are several false web links, which when accessed by users, redirect them to malicious websites.

Leakage of information

With the advancement of information security policies, social networks have been identified as a considerable way of information leakage in companies, since they have a wide reach and very simple ways to publish or share sensitive company information through their profiles.

Why you should not block social networking in your business


Social networks also have positive characteristics for companies and one of them is the fact that these platforms can be a very effective communication channel. Especially in companies that have areas of communication, marketing or advertising, the use of social networks to post news, promote products and services can help build a good image of online business.


There are certain kinds of jobs, such as journalists, where it is necessary to be inside information at all times and social networks work very well in this regard. It is possible to know, in real time, what people are posting, complaining or supporting, whether political causes, world news, entertainment videos, etc. Depending on your area of activity, being updated with the news is a differential!

Getting business information

Companies that work with direct sales use social networks to obtain information from competitors or analyze the view the customer has about products they make available. In addition to creating campaigns and communities to help publicize their products and services, companies can also receive customer feedback and build a relationship with the public through those platforms.

Considering that there are several positive and negative points, the best way to define the policy to be adopted is to understand the peculiarities of the business. It is worth mentioning that other alternatives can be evaluated by the company, such as defining times and sectors of the company that will have access to social media, bringing better alignment to the needs of the business.

This post is also available in: English Português Español