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Corporate Anti-spam: What is it and how does it work?

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Email has become one of the main forms of communication in organizations, due to the convenience of use and the possibility of control over the resource. However, the advent of e-mail communications has brought challenges to maintaining its integrity, since malicious people have also used it. Spam (email sent without the recipient’s authorization), phishing and many other threats have become a reality in most companies, regardless of their size or segment. In this sense, the use of corporate anti-spambecomes essential to the security structure of an organization.

In this article, we will bring essential information about anti-spam, including its characterization and the motivation for using it in the corporate environment. Keep reading!

How did Spam come about?

The origin of spam is controversial, however we will present the version that reports the appearance on March 5th, 1994. On that day, two lawyers, Canter and Siegel, sent propaganda messages from a North American lottery to a group of USENET, bringing disruption and indignation on the part of subscribers. Approximately one month after that, not satisfied with the repercussion of the first submission, the two lawyers repeated the act (April 12), in even greater proportions, sending mass propaganda to various groups and USENET discussion, using a software to automate the process.

What is a Spam and Why Use a Corporate Anti-Spam?

In general, spam is a message sent without the approval or request of the recipient. Those who perform this type of activity are known as spammers, and the practice is called spamming. In most cases, spam is sent to a huge amount of addresses and may have advertising or content intended to harm the equipment and obtain information from users.

With the advancement of technology, which enabled automatic, and bulk emailing, and the ease of buying mailing lists, spamming has grown even more. Think about it: of the total number of emails sent today around the world, about 65% are spam. To stop unsolicited messages as well as prevent damages such as viruses, anti-spamtools have been developed. This feature serves to filter emails and prevent users from being fully exposed to the risks associated with using the resource.

Why a corporate anti-spam is crucial?

Spam messages bring inconveniences to people and companies, and the impacts on corporate environment are much greater. Phishing, for example, aims at the practice of stelionate. Phishing messages are sent on behalf of service providers, or even government agencies. The sender of this type of e-mail requests confidential data or the payment of some amount in money, through bank documents or wire transfers. In some cases, those who practice phishing make very similar copies of documents, making it difficult to identify fraud.

If a company collaborator does not have the ability to differentiate a spam from a true email or ends up installing malware that grants access to the corporate network, the organization runs a serious risk of having its sensitive information captured. If the company has no information security policy supported by the use of a robust corporate anti-spam, as well as other solutions to protect the network, it will be vulnerable to threats coming from the internet.

A corporate anti-spam analyzes the messages, by applying a series of layers of security, reducing the receipt of spam by up to 99%. Anti-spam solutions have other features associated with file extensions, size controls and in some cases they have DLP(Data loss prevention) functions, ensuring the security of these communications.

Considering the benefits associated with the use of corporate anti-spam, it is easier to justify investments in these solutions, composing the information security strategy of companies of different sizes and segments.

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This post is also available in: Português English Español