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Skype Audit in Corporate Communications

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Productivity in modern corporate environments is increasingly related to communication: whether in written format, over the phone or in person, the technology seeks ways to bring business closer and facilitate processes. In this sense, we can highlight corporate instant communicators, essential for the company’s relationship with customers, partners and suppliers, as well as for the transmission of information among its employees.

In this context, more and more companies are betting on Skype as a solution for corporate communication, due to the many advantages this tool presents over traditional media. According to Microsoft data, 50% of the world’s people use Skype for video calls, and this number only tends to grow. In the corporate environment, the tool brings several financial and management benefits, but also requires some care regarding control and auditing of skype.

Advantages of using Skype in corporate communication

Reduced connection costs

Essential for any business to function, calls can be a burden on the budget, especially in the face of the ever-increasing need for international calls or mobile handsets. Skype makes it possible to make calls at much lower rates than those charged by the telephone companies – through the use of Skype credits, for example – allowing the company to reduce its spending, without affecting the quality of communication and services provided.

Monitoring expenses

Through Skype Business, entrepreneurs can manage and monitor the company’s communication-related expenses more efficiently. The tool allows configuring different accounts for the team, allocating credit and constantly monitoring expenses of each employee.

Reduced travel expenses

One of the great advantages of Skype is the possibility of replacing face-to-face meetings and meetings through videoconferences. The tool allows group connections with up to ten users, facilitating collaborative projects and meetings with clients, avoiding travel expenses such as tickets and hotels.

Contact between collaborators

Skype also contributes to internal communication in the corporate environment through instant messaging. These provide greater efficiency and practicality for the contact between collaborators, either to check the progress of a project, to ask questions, or to send documents.

Customer Service

Since Skype is a very common communication tool, it can be used as a free way of communicating with customers who are also users. By making this contact available on its website, the company guarantees reduction of communication costs and practicality for its customers.

The Importance of Skype Auditing

Despite all the advantages of using Skype as a means of communication in the corporate environment, the company needs to be aware of ways to control its use. Auditing Skypeby recording chat conversations, preserving the history of these conversations in a timely manner, controlling file transfer, avoiding information leakage, and usage statistics are some examples of activities that help to maintain security on this type of communication.

The professional and productive use of this resource, so important for today’s companies, is paramount and should inspire care of professionals responsible for corporate data security. Nowadays, market has several security solutions for business communication.

OSTEC Control for Skypeprovides a layer of protection for the use of the tool, allowing managers to audit Skype, and ensuring that their use is tailored to the reality of the business, without employees reducing productivity due to distractions.

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This post is also available in: English Português Español